woensdag 19 september 2012

Tumblr apocalypse 19-IV-'12

Hahaha, so, Tumblr's fucked up x]
So I thought, hey, why not post something on my (quite dead) blog again?
I'm living in France now (: In N├ęzel, a little village near Paris c: As an aupair!
But since Karine (the mother) is in Corsica for a play (they're all actors and musicians here, so lovely c:), Serge (the father) and Martin (the older brother, about my age, who lives here half the time, which is nice (: ) are to a concert, and I've been home alone the whole evening (with Simon, the kid, of course), I've had quite some free time since 8 pm x] So, my blog came up in my mind, the moment tumblr crashed and I saw this nice GIF, but couldn't reblog it, because of the nice little apocalypse on tumblr x]
I'm going to have to make a post with all the pictures of france till now! And of course of my personal life x] Me and ex bf are back together x] Eventho we're miles apart x] Life's weird ;)
But, not now, it's getting quite late.. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll have a bunch of time then too c:


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