dinsdag 27 maart 2012

I love my friends x]

My facebook status;
R: Toch leuk hoe ik al maanden 'Safe and Sound' luister, en zusje het altijd een 'zeik-lied' vond, maar nu ze heb op haar telefoontje toegestuurd heeft gekregen van n vriendinnetje, het ineens fantastisch is x]

P's respond;
Wat interessant
A's respond; 
ja inderdaad, vertel er meer over
P's respond; 
Ik interesseer mij mateloos in het gouden leven wat u hier op feestboek beschrijft
A's respond;
geen enkele sterveling bezit het vocabulair om mijn ongekend grote nieuwsgierigheid te beschrijven

My respond;

My respond; 
I love you too you guys x]

Alright, it's in dutch, I'm sorry x]


Omfg, my heart isn't capable of taking the tensions and stuff in thrillers... xD I think my heart stopped, at this film I just finished watching, at least 4 times. :}
And I always start yelling at the headrole-player. xD
"NOO! COMMON! SHUT THAT DOOR! ... Yeah, well done, alright, good work... NOO! DON'T GO IN TO THAT BATHROOM! HE'S BEHIND THAT SHOWER CURTAIN! NOO-... Ooh, alright, he isn't behind the shower curtain... Yeah, yeah, shut that other door too, and just go sit there and quit hopping around with that hockeystick! OMG NOO, HE'S BEHIND THAT DOOR! RUN RUN RUN RUN! HIT HIM IN HIS FACE! GET THE KNIFE, GET THE KNIFE! GODDAMNIT, DON'T LET HIM WIN!!! OMG STUPID BITCH HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU! DON'T ROLL DOWN THE STAIRS! Ooh, a gun that just lies around there... GRAB THE GUUUUUUUUN! SHOOT HIM! SHOOT-HIM!!! NOO, DON'T DROP THE GUN! NOO-huh? ... YEAH! GO DADDY! SHOOT HIM! Alright, and they lived happily ever after (:"

Sometimes... I get a bit hysterical. xD But basically only when I'm watching scary movies. xD And when I get chased or something... And probably more stressfull situations... But let's move on again, alright?! xD

Kbye. (:

The Hunger Games

My post on my other blog (roosreckless.blogspot.com) from a year (and 2 - 3 months) ago;

monday 24 january 2011
I just finished a trilogy of amazing books... Really, they were so realistic, and so wonderfull written. They're called The Hunger Games. Go read them. Yeah, really, read 'em! They are sooooo, just, wauw!
I was waiting for the night my dreams were going to be about those books, and it finally happened. (: ‘Cause that happens a lot when I really like for instance a book, or a song, or a boy or whatever x]
So I dreamed that I was singing in my backyard (and I remember that the dream was further very complicated, but I can’t quite remember the full dream, actually only this scene D:). So I was singing the song of Kelly Clarkson; Since you’ve been gone. And suddenly a black bird, called the Mockingjay, of course, starts singing it back. And it was so sunny, and pretty in the dream. And the Mockingjay sung so beautiful… And then there appeared even more mockingjays and they all sung with the first.
It really was amazing (: I had a fever that night too, actually this whole week. And that always gives me the weirdest and most realistic dreams too. :}
And this time, I sure did like it! ;D

It even inspired me to go on with my own story.
Lately I had a few good ideas, put I never was in the mood to put them on paper. ( Yeah, I write my story on paper, fuck technology! x] ) And now, I finally did. And my friends love the new parts and plots! ;D I really would like to find a publisher and get it produced.
The 15th of march I’m already working on it for a year! That’s what I call quite some time! Haha xD I love to brainstorm and write it down. Especially in the summer, when I just take my notebook/writing into the garden, and let my pen run free on the papers. Or when I’m on vacation, and I’m having a lazy moment, but still want to do something. Perfect times and perfect places (: "

Well, I've finally been to the first movie of The Hunger games! On thursday the 22nd.
And it was so good! Still, compared to the books, it's trash of course. But if you see it as a movie, you know, alone, it's so friggin good! I loved it! 
The only part of the movie I didn't like, was that the cameramen had multiple strokes during the filming or something, haha x] It was just so shaky!
Aah well, me and my rage ;)
But, seriously, love- love- loved it!

I'm Peeta and you know it